Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another Shakespeare in Nigeria

  Symphony of Power
An ensemble overtly assembled with armoured tanks
Blared to a quaking audience with dull marshal notes
Cantatas of steel-voiced, stern-faced friendly soloists.

An arrangement rudely disrupted by envious back-ups:
Bold voices wanting to air sonata with dark overtones
Conducted their short, tragic piece that jangled all ears.

Anthems serenaded flags at half-mast to soothe hearts
Belligerent vocalists forever silenced with barrel bangs
Cadenzas created for a second fiddle’s ad lib concertos.

Applause echoed as his voice tired out in fading pulses
Beckoning on a much-neglected group to perform arias
Chorused by the global audience with waves of hurrahs.

Alas! Disused instruments marred novel compositions
Brusquely annulled by fatigued larynxes for new opus
Coarsely rendered but widely greeted with nervy claps.

A long interlude of opera wedged with a piece of dross
Bristled weary-eyed spectators canopied under a duress
Claps of charlatans deafening in insincere appreciations.

Ad hoc masterpieces later segued into prepared works
Barracks bags cleaned the stage of useless appliances
Chord of fresh notes soon entertaining tranquil faces.

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