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Gbile Akanni and D. K Olukoya don’t agree on Deliverance

These two don’t seem to agree on issues of Deliverance, Gbile Akanni preach the total work of Calvary for Christian who have accepted Jesus as Lord

Dr Olukoya Preaches the need for deliverance for born again Christian

The Two men do not agree on the subject of deliverance, we might need scriptural elucidation from this great men who are laboring for Jesus


  1. I dont think the issue at hand should be treated as disagreement.It is simply a matter of ministerial emphasis which cannot be and should not be juxtaposed.Take for instance,Phillip was used by God to perform great miracle and deliverance in the city of Samaria,yet it was PETER AND JOHN that came to lay hand on the people to recEIve the HOLY SPIRIT.ACTS 8.Like wise today no Minister is singlehandedly ordained or commisioned to fulfill the ministerial demands also today.Paul planted,Apolos watered,God blessed.Simply put,their ministries was not the same.This is my humble submission.I listened to Bro.Gbile and Dr.Olukoya with passion and I pray for more impact on the different area of ministry God is using them.Thanks.

  2. Good judgement.A Christian openness and approach needed to understand christianity today.Martin Luther & Co restore the doctrine of JUSTIFICATION to the Church in 1500s,JOHN WESLEY &Co added SANCTIFICATION in 1700s,and by the dawn of 1900s WILLIAM SEYMOR & Co from ASUZA added MANIFESTATIONS.From the historical point of view,no CONTRADICTIONS in all these DIFFERENT MOVEMENTS.Simply put,they are the avenue of DIVINE ASSIGNMENT from one generation to another.Therefore,like these other great SERVANTS OF GOD in their generation,Gbile & olukoya should be be contrasted,except for those with little or no history of the move of God per generation.We should pray for FRESH AND MORE IMPACTFUL MOVE OF GOD BEFORE THE CLOSE OF THE AGE.Shalom

  3. I will like to say that Bro Gbile Akanni is right, because the essence of Calvary is the Total deliverance from sin, family curse and all other problem. We come anew after experiencing calvary, carrying the Life of Jesus, it is no longer I that liveth but Christ liveth in me. Gal.2:20, Col 3 3-4

  4. Good comment from Bro Shittu.Those who claim to hold to the teachings of the REFORMERS till today dont believe in the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.Not because they have not read Acts 2,8,10,19.But because it does not fit to their theological formulations.Hence,the needless comparism of Bro.Gbile teachings with Dr.Olukoya teaching.A close study of Church reveals that even those God used in the reformation did not agree in all subjects,yet God used LUTHER to overthrow catholic in GERMANY,CALVIN in FRANCE,and ULRICH SWINGLI in SWITZERLAND.Obviously,all of them quoted scriptures like Bro.Sittu to back up their positions.I believe a good knowledge of Church History will help many to understand thedynamics of the move of God in HIS Church.

  5. Both pastors preach the same thing. No where does the MFM doctrine state you have to undergo deliverance before you acquire salvation. Nothing is automatic, the Scriptures are there and the promises of GOD are "yes & amen." However, if you do not enforce and maintain the promises and the purposes of GOD as stated in Scriptures, then you can't live the life GOD expects of you. JESUS had all, He understood the Scriptures and He was the Scriptures, yet He prayed. The gospel of JESUS is not complete without setting the captives free. In one cases, JESUS had to stop preaching to cast a demon out. Preaching alone isn't it, lest you have religion and JESUS did not practise that. The kingdom of GOD is about power and not words, for it is written "as many as received Him, He gave them power to become the sons of GOD." Yes! The Cross sealed the fate of the devil and his works forever, but if you do not enforce the work of the Cross against contrary terms, wickedness and all other forces of darkness, the hosts of hell will expand in their strength. Daniel Olukoya makes it clear via principle that a bound person cannot fight an opposing person. Africans have bad foundations due to the idolatry practiced by fore-inhabitants. A lot of those things are still in place and the purpose of the MFM ministries is to rewrite the history of one's life. If you think this isn't necessary, read Psalms 11v1-3. On the other hand, I do believe Gbile Akanni's ministry deals with the practical walk with GOD. Believe this, without a life of deliverance, you cannot walk efficiently with GOD (Luke 1vs74-75). How can you be a Christian and cannot take authority over "contrary" situations?!

  6. Gbam Anonymous Feb 11, 2012 02:05 PM. Thank you.

    1. Both are right all we need is putting ourself right wit Christ bro Gbile is right past Olukoya is also right but one thg is this we all av different calling wht we need to do is to work together so as to populate d kingdom of God nd depopulate d kingdom of hell God bless

  7. i believe dat d effect of calvary is for total deliverance of man. Which encompass spiritual, physical, financial and any other kind of deliverance. He who d son of man has set free is free indeed, dat's the scripture. So on d cross of calvary, Christ made us free from all kind of bondage and curse of sin. so there is no need for deliverance. What is left for us to do is that we should make sure that we are in right standing wit God

  8. Bro Michael you've stated the simple truth, the conclusion of the whole matter. There is no complication about the finished work of Christ on the cross. Deliverance is for the unbeliever and found at redemption. The finished work of Christ at the cross and is complete for the believer. John 8: 31-32
    To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

  9. Here is an excerpt from a book (Gospel of Deliverance, by Maurice Ekwugha; pg 335-354)about staying delivered and maintaining your deliverance:
    "Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.
    Galatians 5:1
    We often find cases where some who have testified to their own deliverance, come back after a while complaining that their situation had become worse. They try to blame it on the deliverance minister or the process itself but further questioning reveals the real issue. The fact is that these patients see their deliverance as a licence to indulge their every whim. They eventually discover that this is a costly mistake because after deliverance, there is always the need to stay delivered.
    For a delivered person to maintain his deliverance, he needs to make certain adjustments -and in some cases a total overhaul- to his lifestyle to accommodate the presence of God and to acknowledge the work of Christ. Such an individual should have a mindset showing that God has performed a permanent work in his life, and that this work is good. A lackadaisical attitude to his new found victory will result in the demons coming back seven-fold. This is why Jesus often used the words “go and sin no more” after his ministrations.
    When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest and findeth none. Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished. Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first.
    Matthew 12:43-45
    From this text, we find Jesus saying that an unclean spirit or demon cast out of someone, will roam about searching for a suitable home. And finding none, will return to its previous host and re-enter him with seven deadlier demons than itself, if it finds him unoccupied and comfortable. This underlines the serious need for the delivered person to make himself unhabitable for demons. During deliverance the host is swept clean of any demonic presence. His sins are erased, ‘…old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new’ (2 Corinthians 5:17). He is ready to start life afresh. Such a life should be replenished with the Word of God in order to build faith in him in prepararation for a victorious Christian walk.This brings to mind a major misconception. The misguided belief that we must be doing everything right because God has met all or most of our material needs, is an issue and one likely result of this is complacency. When a delivered person is complacent, the expelled demon returns with seven helpers to overrun him. This should be avoided if the once delivered patient intends to remain so."
    To read the book Gospel of Deliverance by Maurice Ekwugha FREE online, copy and paste the following link:
    or simply google: google books Gospel of Deliverance Maurice Ekwugha.

  10. one of the mistakes of the modern day christians is either to underemphasize or overemphasize the operations of the devil (please read "screwtape letters" by c.s lewis)
    Another problem bothers on the gap between what men of God say and what we(hearers) make/understand of their statements. Gbile Akanni is one of the few well respected men of God in the country.
    My take on deliverance is that it is wrong for someone to say Christians do not need deliverance, at the same time it is also very wrong for Christians to look at problems only from the deliverance prism.
    In the Bible luke 13:11-16 we see a case of a daughter of Abaraham being bound for 18 years and needed special deliverance. From the account of Christ, it was her right to be healed, however the Devil denied her the right. In mark 8:24 a man was still seeing men as trees after just had touched him, he needed a second touch before he could see properly and Jesus did not leave him without warning him not to return to a certain place he was brought from, most likely because of the works of evil there. Christians should know that on a lot of grounds the devil does not play by the rules, hence sometimes to get what is legitimately ours will require special force/operation which I believe is deliverance.

    Any real deliverance is supposed to be done by appropriating the word of God, However saying that being born again places one above the need for deliverance is not entirely correct. Here in Africa there are a lot of negative spiritual transactions our forebears entered on our behalf without our knowledge, such cases have to be treated specially

  11. it is foolishness to keep comparing our ministers! they that compare themselves to them selves are not wise. these two ministers ere not in a debate, so lets not make them seem so. learn what God is teahcing you through them and STOP comlparing their messages in public media as though they are at war with each other. you need to understand and apply the message to your life. for instance are you completely free from the power of sin, satan and demons?

  12. I perceive this blog is orchestrated to bring division in the body of Christ. Why place emphasis on miniscule disagreement instead of unity. Please stop this foolishness.

  13. There are ministers whose ministry are directly for the body of Christ and there are those whose ministry are to bring unbelievers to the body of Christ, I wish we consider this fact. Secondly what Christ did on the cross crushed principalities, powers, and spiritual wickedness and disarmed and disgraced all of them, including the ones in Africa. Those in Africa could be stronger than those in Europe, but no power compares to that which emanates from Calvary, so please let us not use the situation of Africa to degrade the power of the cross, it defeated Satan himself, the bus of them all.
    These two men Bro Gbile and Bro Olukoya are both servants of the most high, they are not in competition, but co-laborers for the Kingdom, their assignments might just be different.
    Thirdly it is also important that we realize that before Christ died the believer did not have as much power and victory over the devil, like after He died, so when we try to give examples from the bible, it's important we look at the dispensations, was it before Christ's death or after His death and resurrection, there is an addition power that came by risen of his resurrection, which the body of Christ did not experience before then.
    Also we know in part, so we speak in part, let us give the ultimate Teacher, the Holy Ghost, the opportunity to clarify these things through the word of God in the hearts of the saints.
    Thanks, let Christ be glorified.

  14. yes,the delivarance is the price that was payed on the cross. i usually listen to bro Gbile mssges and i see the truth in d bible and there is no salvation outside our lore Jesus Christ.

  15. i am a member of mountain of fire and miracle ministries and i also attend gbile akanni's peace house meetings. let us no quickly forget that the life of Christ is also important. His death ushered us freedom. the life of Jesus as Human was fully God and fully man. He lived a life of deiverance. and Jesus told us that we will do much more if we believe. what christ achieved at calvary was to redeem us and give us back the VERY LIFE OF GOD THAT WAS LOST AT EDEN. Peace House and MFM seemingly not to agree from the scratch. NO MINISTER, TO INCLUDE GBILE AND OLUKOYA CAN LAY CLAIM OF THE FULL GOSPEL PACKAGE OF THE FIVE FOLD MINISTRY. We all are giving gifts to operates. Jesus CAST OUT DEMONS. SO, WHY SHOULD MY OWN BE DIFFERENT? what we need is balancing.

  16. Infact, the most dangerous thing is to think you have answer to all questions or situations of life. Truth to Jesus, when He was asked when the end of the world would be, instead of claiming all in all knowledge, He categorically declared 'I dont know'. Let our leaders learn from Him.
    Kunle alamu

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