Saturday, October 13, 2012

Is it well with Governor Sullivan Chime?

Sullivan Chime

Nigerian (we) sure has a way to everything, when secrecy and "close" doors becomes an approved style of dealing with the Public, There is really nothing wrong in hiding personal health information from the Public, But when a man becomes a Public servant, what is the use of secrecy? Leaders needs the Prayers of their subjects, since all we do is to turn every street corners to  Church, My Raiders is placed in Enugu State, and my concern is about the health of the Governor, Sullivan Chime. I really hope all is well with him at this times

Did i hear that the Governor has been away for two weeks before October 1 independence anniversary? That is serious Leave, IF THIS IS TRUE, it raises question about the condition of the Governor expecially as most of  our leaders are used to secrecy (what ever that means) to the people they claim to serve "Chime’s last public appearance was at the meeting of South-East Governors Forum on September 9, 2012 in Enugu and since then, he was yet to be seen by journalists in the Government House and public functions.

The Deputy Governor, Mr. Sunday Onyebuchi, has been acting in the governor’s capacity, but his aides are reportedly not pleased with Chime’s directives, that Onyebuchi should not approve more than N500,000 for any project, no matter the circumstance.

My Riader spotted him in London, but i cannot confirm if India which i see is correct about the present Location of the Bubling Governor, i hope he is in good hands for treatment if his health is threathened.  

Let us togerther wish him a quick recovery and return to Government house Enugu