Sunday, December 16, 2012

Editorial on Sullivan Chime

Enugu state Governor Sullivan Chime
Enugu state government has debunked the news of Death earlier reported by the media and also by this  Blog See Link  Chime is said to be battling with an undisclosed ailment, However, the Curiosity of the public is again drawn to the secrecy in handling of the news of the governor's health, The secret style of public officers is seen as  a disrespect for the PUBLIC whom they have chosen to serve, A man who decides to represent the public is believed to have put his life in the custody of the public and the so called closed door meetings, the diurnal and surreptitious meetings and hidings of information from the public by public holders are seen in modern world as arrogance and  a type of  coup against the people who openly elected them

The Governor who is said to be receiving treatment in India has not been seen in public for some time and this again is enough to raise question on the minds of the electorates. Nigerian leaders needs to expunge the arrogance of secrecy and non responsibility to their Followers understanding that The Public office is kept in the care of  the public and that every attempt of secrecy is an attempt to hide the Truth