Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fire outbreak at Jankara Market Lagos

A fire cracker warehouse today sparked a major fire outbreak in the Jankara area of Lagos.
The massive fire gutted eight houses and injured forty people according to reports, unspecified numbers were injured as they also scamper for safety,  cars  and goods running into millions were destroyed when a three-storey building packed with firecrackers went up in flames  today at about 9;30 am on Lagos Island. the fire fighters were battling to save the situation as about 8 more houses were  already up in flames.  See More Pictures after the cut.

At about 9:30 am, there was a loud noise in the sky, There were initial speculations around the country that a bomb had exploded in Lagos while a report said a plane crashed in the city. The sound was loud enough for a stampede, The sound abated and immediatly a  building  located on Oko Awo Street in the popular Jankara area of Lagos, close to King Ado Secondary School went aflame.

Residents of the affected area said the fire broke out when a small boy ignited a firecracker popularly known as ‘knockout,’ which hit some of the stocks of unsold fireworks in the building.
Fire fighters, rescue agencies and policemen swiftly deployed on the scene and battled the huge blaze.Within minutes of the explosion, the fire spread to a nearby building, sending hundreds of residents, traders and shoppers fleeing in the usually boisterous market area.
No fewer than 8 multi-storey buildings and several cars were consumed as the raging fire spread, aided by the dry harmattan wind.No death was, however, recorded although many injured persons while rushed to nearby hospitals with varying degrees of injuries.