Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mrs President and Mr. President to address Nigerians on January 1st

The unthinkable might happen for the first time in Nigeria as the President is set with the introduction of a 20 Minute address of “unelected” Wife of Mr. President in the usual New Year Speech, source says Presidency planning a suprise new year gift of Dame Patience Jonathan in a live 20 minutes programme addressing Nigerian "WOMENS"

The President seemed to be aware of the lethargic reaction in many quarters to his much noised “Transformation Agenda” his recent Yuletide message seemed to suggest that he is on the defensive to regain the confidence of Nigerians as the barrage of criticism on the administration’s failure has necessitated a routine of a seeming defense to what most Nigerians regarded as his “slow” attention to the plight of the citizens.

The decision to have his wife address the Nation (if not diversionary) might be one of his devised strategies to verbally palliate the pain of the “Womens” It will be the first time that the Nation will experience a Domesticated divisional rule on New Year Day

Wishing Nigerians a Dramatic and eventful speech on January 1st by the wife of Mr. President