Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Don Jazzy's thugs Beat-up Princewill Ojukwu

 Until Don Jazzy makes a public statement to debunk the allegations of sponsored battery alleged to have been sponsored by his body guards, this partition  by a Lagos socialite Princewill Ojukwu may have added a dishonor to the news about the renown celebrity as he is being accused of battery, oppression and dehumanization,

Princewill alleges that he had a row with Don Jazzy at his newly opened club POP, which led to the latter ordering his thugs to beat "the life out of him."
Please note that the picture above was taken on January 7, 2013. Ojukwu still walks around in pains, cannot wear shoes and has constant migraine.
Don Jazzy sent an sms some days back apologising and asking for an account number to send money for the hospital bill, but Mr Ojukwu says;

'' Its not about the money,this could happen to anyone,it is abuse of power and needs to be checked before someone is killed all in the name of the other being a celebrity.Don Jazzy stood there pinging on his blackberry as his thugs beat me up,that is the last thing i remember before i fainted.it....''