Monday, January 07, 2013

"I will Fight Jonathan for my food" Dokubo

Asari Dokubo
 Since Good luck Jonathan became president, the brotherliness of the people of Niger Delta have been through several dramatic display,  there has been compensations and appointment which seemed to serve the interest of these section of the country, the consequent has been the retreat of the once violent destructive gangs and kidnappers from the Niger-Delta region, at the beginning, the Jonathan candidacy seemed to have served the interest of the people, one man at the center most of the time is Asari Dokubo, He was seen to be supportive of the first President from his region at first with very strong critiscism of any opposition. Recently, Dokubo has been seen in outrageous stance against the President. He was quoted as saying
"I will fight GEJ if he does not settle me.’ Period! Do you want me to die with my 18 children in hunger? No way!" Dokubo
"So, if a man takes food from my mouth I should support him? What are you saying now? So if one Editor in National Mirror fires you today would you smile at him? Why should I not expect what belongs to me, that Otedola should expect? That Wale Tinubu should expect? That Dangote should expect? That Adenuga should expect, but me at 50 years I should not expect? That Jonathan should eat in the Villa and fill with excess and I should not eat? And I should support him; ‘I no shame for that one. If he no give me wetin be my own, I go fight am.’ Period! There is no two ways about it. Do you want me to die with my 18 children in hunger? No way! I am too prominent in this struggle; I have made some sacrifices. I did not emerge from the blue. I was the Vice-President of IYC, I was Deputy President of IYC and I was President. I started the armed struggle from the creek. Nobody wins and hands it over to people. That is why those who were at the cadre of revolutions in North Korea, in China and elsewhere that are pushed forward for leadership. So, nobody can push me around; it is not possible. I don’t expect anything from Jonathan. I demand what belongs to me. If he doesn’t give me, I will fight." Alhaji Mujaheed Asari-Dokubo