Monday, January 28, 2013

Masquerade Kills Islamic Cleric with a Gun

An Islamic Cleric and now victim, who was said to be riding on a motorcycle, and allegedly defied the orders of a masquerade to disembark from a motorbike was shot dead in Abeokuta , residents of Ijaye in Abeokuta, were in trepidation from violence following the murder of a Muslim cleric, Lateef Amusa, by a masquerader on Sunday 
Thirty-year-old Amusa was allegedly shot dead by a masquerader, during the celebrations of the annual Egungun Festival in Ijaye. The deceased said to have defied the masquerade’s order was shot with a gun and immediately fell and died on the spot. The killing infuriated members of his sect who on Monday morning invaded Ijaye, armed with kegs of petrol and other dangerous weapons and attacked the family house of the masquerader which they set ablaze.

The sect members were said to have also removed the masquerader’s costume which they dragged to the street entrance before setting it ablaze. They also destroyed the masquerader’s other paraphernalia. The police command in the state said it arrested four suspects, including a masquerader, for the killing.