Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Minister of Defence Collapsed At Armed Forces Remembrance Day

"In the nation and government of weaklings, women reign supreme, not for wants of the brave women or men, but tyranny must choose for all and bear the brunt of the folly".
Today at the venue of the 2013 edition of the Armed Forces Remembrance Day something unheard of in the camp of the military took place, YES It is unheard of, but it happened today in the routines of the Military, An unexpected boom of artillery fire at the National Arcade came with a deafening sounds it reverberated in the air shaking vigorously as to cause a tremor sending trepidation to the very heart of the Boss who shook and it nearly fell the Minister of Defence (State), Erelu Olusola Obada

Obada, who was flanked by other dignitaries, was apparently shocked by the volley of deafening shots, which observers say were usually preceded by an announcement to prepare the minds of participants to the event.

But such announcement was not made Tuesday before the salvos went off causing the minister to slump into the waiting arms of vigilant military aides who took her to one corner where she was resuscitated.

After about 10 minutes she was fit again. She returned to stage and subsequently performed the wreath laying ceremony without any further unforeseen incident