Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Mountain of fire and Sahara reporters in the news

 Omoyele Sowore who hit the nation's consciousness and headlines with a no nonsense activism at the Student's Union Government of the University of Lagos, Akoka, between 1992 and 1994 is again in a tango with the Mountain of fire and ministries as he exposed several Violence meted on his crew when he visited Nigeria lately the article published on Sahara reporters website has received a wide visitation and comments in the few days after its release After the publication made on Sahara reporter by Omoyele Sowore , about allegations of vicious assault on SR crew at the Prayer City on Lagos Ibadan express way, the Comments on the Article has reached the crescendo of about 165 from numerous concerns. 

Although the action of the local security was vehemently condemned, by a handful few, yet  there has been a barrage of opposition against the visit of Sowore as many of the comments seem to lash out on his decision to visit the church without accreditation. The American Based media left the comments uncensored to allow for freedom of expression from the public. The numerous commentators may not also be aware of their ability to track Ips to determine the source of the comments. As it stand, the Mountain of Fire and ministry has promised to prepare a press release to explain their own side of the allegations. This Blog will bring you updates as soon as the release is made. The  authorities of the church  have declined to respond to the allegations. when calls were made to the numbers of listed on the Church website, the responders refused to refute all allegations made by Sowore,  adding that the numbers were strictly for rayers. 

Mr Idowu Ajakaye representing the MFM media department has promised to publish the Press release and circulate same to all the media explain the allegations of molestation published on the Sahara reporters’ media

We are waiting.....................