Friday, January 11, 2013

Mountain of Fire, refutes allegation of assault on American based Journalist

 Mountain of fire and ministry eventually published a press release in response to the indicting publication and allegations made by the renowned American Journalist Omoyele Sowore, in a  release which was published on Premium times today, the Church refuted allegation of assaults and molestation, and claims of a detention area where Police and local security were said to be used to threaten Journalists  

 Sahara reporters had earlier in response to denial of coverage at the "watch night" service reported a case of assault by the Mountain of Fire and ministries  publishing a revealing article on the activities of mountain of fire on the 6th instantSee Link The revealing allegation include reports of denial and threat to freedom of coverage at the Prayer City Lagos/Ibadan express way, also exposing the "Dark"  closet  at the back of the Pulpit area where The SR crew were hounded and said to be threatened,  the place said to be located at the back of the Pulpit area, is said to harbor various  security personnel "comprising the State Security Service (SSS), mobile policemen carrying AK 47 guns, barrel-chested private security officials of the church, were situated, the allegation also stated that, the Dark the Church agents  were  pushing and shoving, issuing threats on the Journalist

 The reports made also says that the Sahara reporters had only media gadgets for journalistic activities which were forcefully seized by the local church police and thrown into a hiluz as they were ushered to a dark section of the church. 
However, the  Church Authority  in a Press  statement debunked the allegations of molestation at the Mountain of fire and ministry claiming that the American based Journalist did not get proper accreditation to cover the program. They claimed in a statement that about 25 media and Journalist got accredited to cover the Watch night service, noting also that the program was live on the internet. Although they did not mention or speak further about the names of the 25 Media representatives and the type of accreditation granted, they however claimed that Sahara reporters was not listed on their accredited team.

According the the media person representing MFM, “The event was live on social media. Sahara crew never applied and was never accredited as one of the media organizations to cover the event,” said the statement.

However the publisher of SaharaReporters, Omoyele Sowore, in his reports had earlier noted that his crew tendered their local credentials to the church ushers and security to gain access near the pastor's podium. 

In a conversation chat with the Church Authority after the publication made by SR, the reliable response affirmed that the incident alleged by Sahara reporters  happen close to the podium,  and that the church security accosted Omoyele Sowore when he was filming the events  like other Journalist at the perimeters of the pulpits,  claiming also that the Pulpit area is Sacred,

"The church’s statement went further to say that Mr. Sowore and his correspondent were allowed into the church despite not being accredited to film the service." the Church's statement  inquired' If Sahara reporter can “barge into a Mosque to cover an event without permission?”