Monday, January 07, 2013

President Jonathan and Mother with John Onaiyekan

Celebration of the elevation of Archbishop John Onaiyekan as Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. In case you don't know, the lady in the picture is Eunice Jonathan, President Goodluck Jonathan's mother. the Mass put together by the Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja, to celebrate the 30th Episcopal ordination and celebration of the elevation of John Cardinal Onaiyekan to the status of Cardinal by Pope Benedict XV1. in his remarks Jonathan said

“Some of the challenges we face today are because of the character our people have. If the Church moulds the people especially starting from the children, Nigeria will be a better place.

“For us, we believe that the church is at the centre of societal building, because, some of the challenges that we face today is because of the kind of character that our people have. If the church can mould characters properly, especially starting from childhood, Nigeria will surely be a better place,” he said. Jonathan who was accompanied by his mother, some cabinet ministers and his aides, also noted that none of the two religions preaches violence, adding that their foundations were rooted in love and peaceful co-existence. “We all know that no religion preaches or encourages violence and hate. Both the two major religions preach love and peaceful co-existence.

This is of course their foundation.” The President appealed to Christians to continue to explore peaceful means of resolve conflicts. Jonathan while re-echoing Onaiyekan who spoke earlier, said. “As His Grace said that he cannot worship the gods that kill the people he himself created. We also believe that anyone who raises weapon to kill anyone created by God cannot be worshipping God. I totally agree with his Lordship”.