Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Sullivan Chime's Health deteriorates, Flown back to India

Since his departure from Enugu on September 27, 2012, to spend his accumulated leave abroad, Barrister Sullivan Chime has thrown the State and the entire nation into routines of speculation about his whereabouts, the culture of secrets and "No information" principles  held over the years by public officials may not be working for the governor as modern media technologies are all against the secrecy of Nigerian rulers. palpable apprehension became evident as his long holiday became endless and speculations were rife that the governor was suffering from a serious terminal illness.  

The smart lawyer, had, before jetting out of the country,  transmitted the instruments of power to his deputy who has been holding the fort. 
There has been back and forth reports on the condition of the governor. This Blog also reported the DEATH SPECULATION ON THIS LINK    until the reports were denied by loyalist of Sullivan Chime, The  frantic attempts to prove the latter led to plans  to fly ailing Governor Back to Enugu State from INDIA where he has been receiving treatments  to celebrate Christmas and New Year with his family But recent reports show that the planned attempt  proved abortive following the deterioration of his health during the trip, a competent source told Leadership. 

According to the source, the governor who is suspected to be suffering from terminal disease had a relapse when he arrived in London from India, forcing his aides and relatives who accompanied him on the trip to take him back to his hospital bed in India.

However, The leader of EDA, Enechi Onyia, a senior advocate of Nigeria (SAN), is leading a delegation to the acting governor to find out the truth about Chime. We urge him to ask pertinent questions about the state of health of the governor. They have a right to know. The people of Enugu are beginning to demand that the governor be declared incapacitated and therefore not able to function in the office of the governor.

Also, another section is urging the House of Assembly to commence impeachment proceedings against him. All these would have been unnecessary if the government of Enugu State had taken the people into confidence. We are persuaded to remind the authorities that governors don’t just disappear.

Keeping quiet and hoping that matters would simply fade away is, to say the least, reprehensible and irresponsible. The acting governor should, as a matter of urgency, address the state on this matter of Chime’s absence and save the people of further embarrassment.