Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Tuface's estranged baby mama marries a Pastor

The Pastor and general superintendent of “Royalty Christian Centre”  simply known as Pastor Adeoye is set to marry Sumbo Ajaba the estranged baby mama of  Innocent Idibia (aka) Tuface, Sumbo  Ajaba happed to be one of the numerous ladies sampled by the popular artiste before finally settling down with Annie Macaulay, 

hoping this is not  a rebound to prove a point, Annie and Sumbo have recently been closely knitted on Twitter, in a rare relationship unexpected from women of their kind

 If everything works as planned, Sumbo will also become Pastor Mrs as most churches are wont to change the status of the wives of pastor on the basis of marriage,  Pastor Adeoye is presently in an ecstatic romantic mood and I hear that he will stop at nothing until they seal their affection with the pledge of the Alter.  Wishing them a divorce free Yoke and bonding