Thursday, August 15, 2013

Abuja shut down by Women for Dame Patient Jonathan

In desperate moves to take over Aso rock again, The Nigerian women under the auspices of Nigerian Council of Women Society (NCWS) today organized a massive rally in support of the President Goodluck Jonathan’s nursed ambition for continued power, a seemingly paid crowd of uniformed women danced to unknown drums as the major roads in Abuja metropolis stood still, heavily guarded by armed men uniformed Policemen, Road safety and several other Government paid force.  

Business activities were grounded to a halt due the blockage of routes by security agencies. All roads from Berger Junction, Central Business Area, and Secretariat were blocked for the rally, which has led to the traffic snarl in the city. The rally ended at the Eagle Square

Quite visible was the unprofessional display of excitement and dance steps by Military personnel whose vehicle numbered alongside branded trucks, as was the trucks of construction company Julius Berger

Commuters were prevented and passengers were seen taking a long walk while the jamboree lasted, private car owners were made to wait for as long as the states represented vainly moved along the cleared road for women dressed in several prepared attires and jammed in (musically) noisily transitive trucks .